City Church is a contemporary, multi-generational church with people from many different
walks of life. At City Church, you will meet friendly people who love Jesus passionately and
love people genuinely. There are great ministries at City Church where you can be involved, from kids, youth, young adults, young families, through to seniors. We would love to help you get connected
and find your place through one of our services or connect groups.

City Church is one of over 1000 churches that are part of the Australian Christian Churches
movement across our nation (https://www.acc.org.au/).


City Church began in October 1982 under the leadership of Sean and Lynda Stanton. After
establishing the church, Sean and Lynda handed over the leadership of the church to John
and Marion Drury in April 1983. Under their leadership over 25 years, the church grew in
number and influence and was able to purchase its own building in November 2002 in
Mount Riverview, where the church is located today. In late 2007, Kevin and Marilyn Brett
were installed as the new leaders of the church and led the church into health and strength,
until April 2018 when they transitioned the leadership of the church to Ben and Amy Sattler.
Over the last few years, the church has continued to grow in health and its mission of
reaching people, raising disciples, and releasing leaders for Jesus.

City Church in every season has always been a generational church that is youthful in spirit,
a church for all people from different walks of life, and a church focused on the Great
Commission. Every church era has had a strong focus on missions, worship and creativity,
equipping the next generation, empowering leaders, and raising healthy disciples of Jesus.
Over 40 years, City Church has touched thousands of lives for Jesus and seen many people
come to know Jesus personally. Through church services, connect groups, events,
community work, missions, church programs and the many committed people that have
called City Church home over the years, there has been a great impact in our community and
across the world for the cause of Christ.

We believe our future is as bright as the promises of God, and that Jesus is building His
church today and by His grace He’s using all of us.


We see a healthy, growing, influential church that passionately loves God and loves
We see a church that’s a soul-winning church with an emphasis on reaching the lost
and welcoming them home.
We see a church that’s a disciple-making church, teaching and training people to
grow spiritually as disciples of Jesus.
We see a church that’s a leader-producing church, raising up and releasing leaders
into areas of ministry, influence, and responsibility.
We see a church that’s a community-reaching church, lifting up the lost, poor, broken
and forgotten and leading them to hope in Jesus. 
We see a contemporary, multi-generational church that is youthful in spirit, where
people from all walks of life belong and that feels like family.
We see a church that brings the sound of heaven to earth through its worship and
raises up a standard of excellence in heart and creativity that brings glory to Jesus. 
We see a church that serves God gladly and passionately, raising an army of
volunteers to welcome people home, and equipping believers to serve God in every
area of life. 
We see a church overflowing with connected people through services in-person,
online and through mid-week connect groups, ministries, departments, and church
We see a church that believes in miracles and the power of the Holy Spirit to break
chains, set people free, heal and transform lives, a place where the testimonies
never stop, and the thanksgiving never ends, where the altar is open, and prayer
and ministry flow in an atmosphere of faith.
We see a church overflowing with resource to meet the needs of the vision and to
resource the expansion of the Gospel. 
We see a church that is unified in purpose and mission. 
We see a church that loves people genuinely and cares for them biblically.
We see a church whose commitment to missions brings transformation to countless
lives locally, nationally and around the world. 
We see a church that is raising up the next generations to know God and do great
exploits for Him. 
We see a church whose simplicity of heart is to love God and people, that is
uncomplicated, undeterred, and undistracted by the seasons. 
We see a church that is advancing, expanding, and multiplying for Kingdom progress
and impact. 
We see a church that is a city on a hill and a light in the darkness, that represents the
hope of Jesus.
We see a church with an exciting future because Jesus is building His church and by
His grace, He’s using all of us.

A Snapshot of City Church over 40 years