Each year throughout the month of June, we present our church community with an opportunity to give financially above and beyond our normal tithes and offerings, towards a special offering called ‘Strengthening Home’. This money has been used specifically to reduce the mortgage on our church building. Thanks to your faithful giving towards this over the last 6 years, the church building debt has been reduced from well over $1.4 million to currently $557,007.00. We are so grateful to God for this miracle, especially considering the turbulent times in our world over the last few years. And we are so abundantly thankful to you for your unwavering faithfulness and generosity as a church community!

Again this year, we are going to receive a ‘Strengthening Home’ offering with an aim to reduce the debt on the church loan and move closer to being mortgage free. Our dream is to be in a position where we have surplus funds to upgrade the building and where we can give to missions and ministry areas more freely without debt. However, this year it has come to our attention that One80TC, which is one of our incredible Missions partners, is going through a very difficult time financially. Unfortunately, because of this they have had to suspend operations at their women’s centre and the financial stress is having repercussions throughout the program for both men and women. We don’t feel like we can stand by and watch this happen without acting when it is within our power to do something.

Therefore, this year for our ‘Strengthening Home’ offering we have decided to apportion 50% of the offering to One80TC and the other 50% to reducing the debt on our church building. This will mean that perhaps for this year we won’t pay as much money off the loan as we budgeted for and as we normally do but God has blessed us over the last few years, and we have an opportunity to give to our brothers and sisters in need at One80TC at this time. Let’s be a church that puts others above ourselves in this season by sowing into the lives of those affected by addiction and seeing them be transformed through the great work of One80TC, and by sowing into the future generations by reducing our building debt.

This year, if you wish to give to the ‘Strengthening Home’ offering, you can do that via the Mountains Care account below. This will assist us as we allocate the money to the building and to One80TC evenly and will allow all giving to be tax deductible. You can give to this offering by simply marking your giving either ‘Strengthening Home’ or ‘SHO’ for short, and by depositing it into this account below. Please contact our office via email on office@citychurchau.com if you would like a tax-deductible receipt.

NAME: Mountains Care Account
BSB: 032837
ACC NUMBER: 228556

Details can also be found on our church website - https://www.citychurchau.com/give Together, through the month of June, let’s strengthen our home and strengthen the ministry of One80TC.

P.S. If you are unfamiliar with the work of One80TC, here is some information about
them and the programs they offer on their website https://www.one80tc.org/